Sentinel Security Corporation

Your system security is our mission

Our IT security services include cyber security consulting to assess your environment and processes, security awareness training, and managed services to provide your business with ongoing data and threat protection. We help you achieve compliance and keep the risk of a breach low, all while providing solutions that are simple, scalable and cost-effective so you can focus on running your business without worrying about your IT infrastructure. From secure Cloud Storage Platform as a Service (PaaS) built for the Mobile First era and designed from the ground up for the mobile web and native app markets to secure messaging, we help secure your network from DDoS and other modern threats.

Advanced products and custom engineering

Using design models inspired by biological defenses, Sentinel has produced some of the most advanced custom engineering for dozens of global partners. Doing business with Sentinel does not end with a simple product purchase or engineering project, it gives your business access to a great wealth of expertise and experience. For more than 15 years, Sentinel has been developing customized solutions that protect people from dangerous environments - whether it be at work, school, home, or on the road - using our unique combination of technology and process expertise to provide an unmatched level of customer service and support that is unrivaled in the industry today!